I love that! Absolutely...you impacted 7 lives with one event. That’s amazing!

It’s nice to see you writing again. ❤️

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Hi Deepshika!

So - I used to own a bookstore and we had events nearly every day. Sometimes it was standing room only -- overflowing with 40 or 50 people. sometimes it was 3 or none! I've even hosted best-selling authors and 7 show up. but here's the thing - no matter how many people are there, it's exactly the way it was supposed to be. Your husband was absolutely right. And it SO important to never take it personally!! Keep at it!! Now I'm an author and I give book talks. I never know how people will show up but I give it my all every single time and it makes us ALL feel great. It gets easier. And you get better and better. xoxox

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