What is Journey Home to Self?

Journey Home to Self is a publication and a sacred community for Women who share these convictions:

  • We are high achievers on a profound quest for authentic & purpose-driven lives.

  • We challenge patriarchal norms and embrace a new form of leadership essential for our world.

  • Our shared convictions center around reclaiming feminine energy and wisdom, valuing empathy, compassion, intuition, and interconnectedness.

  • We seek to create a sacred community for women so they can fully embrace their authentic selves, without fear of judgment or unsolicited advice.

    For over 3000+ years, Patriarchy has suppressed our innate feminine power, disconnecting us from the Divine Mother and distorting our sacred gifts into negative stereotypes.

    At Journey Home to Self, we step off the hamster wheel of self-improvement and rediscover the true selves within us, supported by a sisterhood that celebrates our uniqueness.

    Journey Home to Self is remembering who you were before you forgot.

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Why Journey Home to Self? Why Now?

For thousands of years, our connection to our own true feminine wisdom has been severed. Our Goddesses turned into whores or saints. Healers, Witches, and Women Mystics, outcasted or executed in Witch Hunts, and our Sacred Circles & Red Tents decimated.

In dismembering our Goddesses and our sacred connection to the Divine Feminine, we came off our axis. Without our center, we became lost and have been spinning around mindlessly. With nothing to center us, to ground us, we became addicted to the Patriarchal way.

Journey Home to Self is the Journey to find our Center again. So we can reclaim our connection to each other and to the Divine Feminine within us.

We do this work to come back to Circle again. In a circle, when we hold hands, there is no one guru or superior. We are all leaders.

The time is now to reclaim our center, embrace the Divine Feminine, and usher in a new kind of leadership – one based on compassion, belonging, and love for each other.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and sisterhood.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and sisterhood

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Please send a short pitch, not a full draft. Good pitches should:

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    Share Journey Home to Self by Deepshikha Sairam

Hi, I’m Deepshikha 👋🏼

I’m really glad you’re here. I hope you’ll find a sense of belonging, inspiration, and resources as together, we embrace our true power and grace as women, shaping a world of equality and connection.

A few years ago a profound question brought me to the threshold of my Journey Home to Self, “Is there more to my life?”

As a successful businesswoman who had everything I could ever dream of, I felt a deep lack of purpose and meaning. The question led me on a Spiritual and Self Discovery quest where layer by layer I started shedding the masks & cyclical patterns of disruption and Patriarchal conditioning. I’ve been dancing with the Divine ever since. Through each layer in my journey, I become more Whole, more Unlimited, and more Me!

In discovering my true self, I also discovered meaning and purpose in my life. I realized that what many of us are seeking in the current world, is not the externals the patriarchy has brainwashed us in.

It is a full experience of knowing ourselves in a much wider landscape of our singular power and grace as women and individuals who hold ourselves to a standard that feels effortless because it is aligned with the purpose we came here to serve.   

Professionally, I am a Writer, Sacred Feminine Mentor, and a Speaker.

My mission is to create a sacred community for women where we feel empowered to shed layers of patriarchal conditioning, reconnect with our feminine wisdom, and lead each other with purpose and meaning.

I’m also a Multi-Dimensional Priestess, trained in the priestess tradition of Ceremony & Space Holding and connected to the lineage of Goddess Isis, Kaali Ma, Durga, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and Grandmother Anna.

My teachings are based on Ancient Wisdom from my Birthplace, India, Spiritual tools gathered from lifetimes of priestess work, and Mind-Body Wisdom.

I also weave in my 20 years of experience in Coaching, Learning & Development, and Leading Women with the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine to create transformative experiences of connection, healing, and empowerment.

I am equally dedicated to reading Psychological thrillers, watching re-runs of Game of Thrones, and riding Peloton with my boo, Cody Rigsby.

You can find more at Deepshikha Sairam.

See ya in the inbox!


Deepshikha Sairam

Note: Journey Home to Self is open to all individuals who identify as women. We welcome diversity and honor the unique experiences and perspectives of all participants.

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A gathering place for women who are walking the path to their True Self. We explore Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Mythology & Embodied Spirituality without the Patriarchal B.S. & Toxic Positivity.


Writer, Speaker & Host of Journey Home to Self Podcast Writes about Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Myth, Mysticism, and the Journey of Self-Discovery in a Patriarchal World.